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 Degaussing Coil Taping Machine

Model Number: MK-847A
Vertical Specification:                              
  (1) one set of coil can be Tapped at a time              
  (2) Placement of one set of Tape  
  (3) Make use of Non-Section speed Motor to
         Control  the Tape space in between   
Tapping specification:                             
  (1) Circumference :420 ~2000mm
  (2) Maneuver : Pull tight by air tank
  (3) Speed : 850RPM                     
  (4) Speedometer : Counter installed in the rear of
                                               the Machine       
  (5) Stop : Electro-magnetic brake system           
  (6) Power use : 220 or 110V
  (7) Dimension of Machine
  (8) Net weight of Machine 70kg
Operating Method :
  (1) Step on the foot pedal first rise up the air tank 
  (2) Place Coil onto the Tape wheel , step off               
        the foot pedal to allow the air tank to pull tightly      
  (3) Adjust the air tank to your proposed Coil
  (4) After trying to tape the Coil , Check on the
      Calculated No. of turns and then Insertthe data
       into the counter.
  (5) Step on the foot pedal to for the air Tank to
        rise ,  then take out the tapped Coil

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